Everything you need to have healthy, clean and beautiful dreadlocks.



  • Dread care packs

    Everything you need to keep your dreadlocks healthy and beautiful in the same pack and with a discount.

  • Dreadlocks Washing

    Perfect soaps for the care of your dreadlocks

  • Coconut oil

    Palmer's Coconut Oil. Special spray formula for healthy roots, strong and without inconvenience.

    150ml bottle Invigorate and refresh your hair and scalp. Formulated with a mixture of pure coconut oil to give it strength and shine, eucalyptus extract to calm the tension or itching and pure mint to stimulate the scalp. The refreshing and exotic fragrance of coconut and mint keeps the hair with an excellent aroma.

    Spray. Without rinsing. Refresh. Nourishes. Brighten.

  • Special treatments

    If you have some specific problems with your dreadlocks, here are the solutions you need.

  • Tools

    Crochet hooks to take care of your dreadlocks yourself. Of the ideal measures for your dreads. Choose between the usual ones and those with a soft handle, ¡super comfortable!

  • Vegan dyes


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