Who is behind Lion Dreadlocks?

Well, behind it is Jess, dreadmaker and creator of Lion Dreadlocks.

Now, if you want, I tell you a little about my personal history. 8 years ago I started making and arranging dreadlocks as a hobby, as well as handmade beads for me and my friends. That was while studying first, working later, as an administrative.

Then I studied web development and finally a higher degree of sociocultural and tourist animation. Finally I worked as a cheerleader with energetic teenagers and adorable elders while I combined it. My last profession filled my soul a lot, but I continued with my ever-present passion, dreadlocks.

That, together with the motivation and need that I have always felt to have something of mine, a project of my own to which I dedicate all my efforts and see it grow, have led me to create my own dreadlocks room that has been running for years (on the Instagram tab you can see what happens in the dreadsalon) and this new online store.

Today that hobby that was to make dreadlocks has become my only and dream job, allowing me to undertake this wonderful project. As a user of natural dreadlocks I can recommend the best because I have tried it, and with my passion for crafts and my obsession to find specialized products that work, as well as always creating and looking for new things; I can always offer news that I have thought and created specifically for you and you, or searched until you find all the countries of the world to offer you all the news of the Rasta world!

The spiralocks come from Australia and are manufactured in Fiji, for example, surf the web to discover this and many other specialized products for your dreadlocks.

I wish you like the website!