Many beads and other decorations to choose from to decorate your dreadlocks!

Look at the measurements of the products to find yours!



  • Dreadbeads

    Many dread beads to choose from to decorate your dreadlocks!

    Look at the size of the hole that is right for your dreadlocks!

  • Spiralocks

    A great rasta invention! The original spiralocks!

    The perfect and originals ties for your dreadlocks, braids or large volumes.

    Quick and easy hairstyles. Lovely catchers that don't damage your dreads like tight elastic bands!

    More information of the beautiful Spiralocks project.

  • Bandanas and caps

    Bandanas and caps

  • Hairwraps

    Handmade, unique and precious!

    They are thread decorations to hang on your removable dreadlocks. Perfect for partying! They can also be used without dreadlocks, making a braid with a section of our hair. You can order yours customized by the contact channels for the same price.

    Remove to bathe and sleep. As well as to do sports.

    In the video in description of the product, you can see how they are placed.

  • Specially Hair Gums

    Specially hair gum for dreadheads.

  • Threads for dreads

    Threads to decorate dreadlocks

  • Disfraces Rasta

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