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Pure Coconut Oil


Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Moisturize and pamper your dreadlocks with all-natural argan oil

If you notice your dreadlocks dry and just want to apply 100% natural products, this is a great method :)

100% organic and pure from the first cold pressing. Pure Moroccan Argan Oil


Use it to moisturize your dreadlocks by applying a few drops to the palm of one hand and gently applying to roots and bodies with both hands.

It will also serve to place the loose hairs of the roots in place, and prevent them from coming out too much with the friction, the friz that is said. 

You can also use it, if you wear the ends of your dreadlocks split, to moisturize and shine the hair at the ends, and to define the curls if you have them.


You can also use it on loose curly hair to moisturize and define curls! Also on the tips of your dreadlocks.

You can also apply it on the skin to reduce blemishes, stretch marks or scars of the skin. (As well as rosehip oil)

Lengthen and protect the tan of the skin also by applying the oil on your body.

It also strengthens the nails with a treatment of this oil.

It also enhances hair growth if you apply it on the scalp.

It is a wonder of natural product and I do not know how I have lived without so many years. Straight to my box of natural oils goes :)

Using it once a month is enough to keep your dreadlocks hydrated, healthy and shiny.

VEGAN. 100% pure argan oil, free of water, alcohol and silicones. 


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