Dread's soap- Liquid
  • Dread's soap- Liquid
  • Dread's soap- Liquid

Dread's soap- Liquid


Perfect soaps for the care of your dreadlocks in liquid format.

From Dr. Bronner's.

Hydrate, clean and help avoid itching and peeling associated with dreadlocks due to hair tightness.

Differents scents to choose. How do I choose my scent?

I recommend the baby, if your scalp is very sensitive since it does not carry any added scent or component. I recommend the tea tree if you are often with boys and girls, since it scares off the lice. I recommend eucalyptus, mint or citrus if you like strong aromas that refresh your head well. I recommend pink, lavender or almond if, on the contrary, you prefer softer scents.

Aroma: Citrus
Mililitros: 240 ml

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