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Kit to undo dreadlocks
  • Kit to undo dreadlocks

Kit to undo dreadlocks


Yes! The dreadlocks can be undone!

This Kit is the most effective and healthy way for your hair.

Created by choosing the most natural and effective products to recover your hair after a season, short or long is the same, with dreadlocks. 

The longer you take the dreadlocks more laborious will be undoing them, but in 99% of the chances, all the dreadlocks can be undone.

The Kit contains:

  • Super-strong steel barbed comb to undo your dreadlocks.
  • "Reparing Conditioner" - 313ml - Repair conditioner without sulfates, or parabens, with coconut and monoi extract, completely natural to moisturize your dreadlocks before undoing them and facilitate the process, and to hydrate and recover your hair to the maximum after undoing them.
  • "Leave-in Conditioner" - 250 ml - Conditioner without spray rinsing to help you during the undo process. Spray each dreadlock before undoing them and it will be much easier!

How do I undo my dreadlocks?


Wash every day or two, for a week, your dreadlocks by smearing each one with the "Reparing Conditioner" conditioner, and letting it work for 5 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. Dry your dreadlocks well.


Apply the "Leave-in conditioner" spray to the dreadlock you will undo by rubbing with your hands. I recommend wearing latex or vinyl gloves throughout the process.

Start undoing with the barbed comb from bottom to top. Attention: To avoid breaking your hair it is essential to get rid of the tips towards the root! Slowly, knot by knot, you will see that your hair is unraping recovering its original appearance.

If your dreadlocks are thick or you've used inappropriate products, you'll see white residue of moisture and products inside your dreadlock, don't worry, so the gloves, keep undoing, go cleaning the waste comb, finally with the washing all those waste will be gone.

There will be hair that will break or fall, don't worry, the ones that fall are because they were accumulated in your dreadlocks over time. He thinks that every day we get hair, when we wear dreadlocks, they don't fall and get enchanged, and they accumulate. By undoing them all these hairs come out and it may seem like we're losing a lot of hair, but we're not. 

The more careful you are when undoing the knots from bottom to top less hair you will lose. It takes me between 15 minutes 1 an hour to undo a dreadlock, depending on how long it is, the thickness and the years I've been there. Also of the techniques that have been used both to make them and to maintain them. So you can get an idea.


Brush your hair to finish untangling your hair well. I recommend the "Tangle Teaser" brush to untangle quickly and without pulls. 

Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and then apply the "Reparing Conditioner" and let it work for 10/15 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water and repeat if your hair needs it.

The ends of your hair will be damaged, it is time to trim those tips a little you mismx, or go to a professional for the cut and finish of your new look.

Keep using the conditioner for a few more weeks. 

Palmer's products are completely natural and do not water residue on your dreadlocks. They also carry Vitamin E to reactivate your hair naturally.

If you have any questions or prefer me to undo them, write to me to the chat, contact or at whatsap +34 627803872. 

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